It is hardly surprising that VoIP phone service, often referred to as internet phone service, is taking the world by storm. Promising unlimited local and long distance calling for as little as $199 per YEAR, this represents yearly savings of over $500 for many Broadband phone users. In addition to the substantial cost savings, a VoIP phone service delivers a tremendous array of features all included in the low monthly fee. The interest VoIP internet phone services are generating both from residential customers and SOHO/SMB businesses has resulted in the emergence of hundreds of VoIP service providers and more of these VoIP providers are offering a VoIP phone solution on a weekly basis.

How do companies save on telecom costs by switching to VoIP?
Saving money is just one of the benefits of switching to VoIP. Telecom costs should no longer be of great concern to any business owner, with VoIP an average small business can save up to 80 percent each month by using VoIP. Along with saving money on your monthly phone bill, businesses now have the opportunity to make calls to anywhere in the world without having to worry about an expensive bill. The Nextiva Connect360 comes with unlimited calling to anywhere in the United States and Canada for free.

What exactly is MatrixIT through UniVoIP Services and what are its main features?
MatrixIT through UniVoIP is a PBX phone service that can turn the phone system of an average small business into a full-powered system with features that were once only available to large corporations. With the MatrixIT through UniVoIP , businesses can have a toll-free number, an auto-attendant to answer and route all calls, call forwarding and much more. No business should ever miss a call and the MatrixIT through UniVoIP is the perfect solution for startups and small business wanting to go to the next-level.

On top of providing quality service, we are always working to provide our users with the best price possible. Your phone bill should be consistent, clear and fair – we will do not “nickel and dime” our users and hope to build strong and long lasting relationships with all our customers.